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Cask now available in all Brewdog bars

BrewDog, has announced that it is launching a dedicated cask line in its UK bars. To celebrate the return of a modern classic, the Scottish brewer will be bringing back its highly sought-after cask Punk IPA, which has been a favourite amongst BrewDog fans.

  • Two years ago, BrewDog introduced LIVE beer, a project which modernised the technology and process behind traditional cask beer. Its objective was to take all of the negatives, such as heavy oxidation, inconsistent serve & poor quality, away from cask brewing.
  • In an effort to improve the consistency and serve whilst maintaining the magic, BrewDog’s new cask beer will be radically different to any other cask beer on the market.  World-renowned beer expert, Pete Brown, has been heavily involved in the development of this modern take on the cask classic, using his expertise to ensure a perfect pint every time.
  • BrewDog’s cask ale is conditioned in a key keg; gently sparkling, fermented without top pressure and lightly centrifuged to remove hop debris. The beer is then packaged and allowed to re-ferment and condition inside the keg at the brewery’s HQ brewhouse in Ellon, Aberdeenshire, and rigorously quality checked before being delivered into the hands of the customer.  
  • Every beer is packaged with over 2 million living yeast cells per millilitre and in a container which prevents oxygen ingress. With no extraneous carbon dioxide added, the cask ales are served on draft at 9.5°C through a sparkler. This method encompasses everything that makes real ale amazing whilst embracing the consistency of modern kegged craft beer.

James Watt, Captain of BrewDog, said:

Cask ale is the true essence of craft beer. We had to pause on doing cask a few years ago, because it can be tricky to ensure its quality in each outlet.

In order to overcome this hurdle, we worked closely with beer expert Pete Brown on the development of a cask beer reinvention, ensuring amazing quality for our customers and dialling up this modernised take on a classic to the next level. What we’ve created gives our bars a guaranteed way of delivering awesome BrewDog beer, and a high quality serve every time.

 BrewDog’s cask range will be available from 6pm today across its UK bars.