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Are you ready to celebrate Cask Ale Week?

If ever cask ale had a significant role to play in the pub industry, it is now. While other drinks can be bought online or at supermarkets, cask ale matures in the pub cellar and is sold fresh, natural and bursting with flavour, across the bar.


In short, to drink cask ale, you need to visit the pub. And...

Support cask especially in Cask Ale Week says CAMRA

CAMRA is calling on pub-goers to choose cask-conditioned ale during Cask Ale Week, taking place from Thursday 24 September to Sunday 4 October. 


The industry-wide campaign aims to promote locally produce cask ale, with a special focus on celebrating pubs and clubs as the home of fresh cask ale, following their 100+ days of closure earlier this year.


Where people are unable to visit the pub due to...

Day in the Life: A Cask Marque Assessor

Tasting beer for a living has to be one of Britain’s best jobs. Getting paid to sample and test beer really fits the ‘living the dream’ stereotype.

I was recently lucky enough to follow in the footsteps of a Cask Marque assessor – who does exactly that. All while making sure while licensees and publicans across the country are selling the...

New Hogs Back Brewery Bar gains Cask Marque accreditation

New Hogs Back Brewery Bar gains Cask Marque accreditation

Hogs Back Brewery has gained accreditation from Cask Marque after passing a rigorous inspection of the beers served at its Brewery Bar, located next to the brewhouse in Tongham, Surrey.

The accreditation carries special significance for Hogs Back as the brewery's managing director Rupert Thompson was...

Cask Report 2019: the Fight Back Begins Now with Premiumisation

There are more breweries in Britain than there have been for decades – around 2,300. They supply over 50,000 pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants and clubs with cask beers, making over 10,000 different beers available each year.

“It’s not just the number of cask beers on offer that is so impressive,” says Matt Eley, editor of the Cask Report 2019-20....

Nicholson’s launches ale trails in Cask Ale Week

Tower Bridge. Soho. Oxford Street. Piccadilly. Westminster. Blackfriars. Theatreland. The Financial District. Names, areas, and locations all familiar to capital city dwellers.

What Londoners may not be familiar with is the World’s Biggest Ale Trail – the country’s most popular beer journey. Nicholson’s are aiming to change that though.

The pub company, known for its beautifully furnished, historic venues, has...

2019 Cask Ale Week: A chance too good to be missed.

There are awareness events for everything from National Potato Day and National Coding Week to Limerick Day and Be Nice to Nettles Week. Some are quite outlandish.

“However, there’s one National Week that everyone in the pub and beer industry can relate to,” says Cask Marque’s Paul Nunny. “That is Cask Ale Week.”

He points out that real ale drinkers...

Find out how to look after cask ale

Does your outlet offer food? If so, you’ll be aware that food handlers are required by law to make sure that food is safe for human consumption. EU regulations state that food businesses have to ensure any staff who handle food are supervised properly and receive food hygiene training.

Is there a similar regulation for beer training? Unfortunately not, which...

Timothy Taylor invests in Cask Marque training

Due to strong sales growth over the years, Timothy Taylor’s has recently recruited six new Business Development Managers to the Sales Team.

As part of the company's commitment to giving the best service to their customers, all of their new recruits recently underwent in-depth cellar training with Cask Marque to develop their understanding of getting beer to the consumer in...

Why beer turns women off

A study into female attitudes and behaviours towards beer by women and beer interest group, Dea Latis, reveals that women would switch to beer if it wasn’t associated with pints, bloating and sexist imagery and reinvented itself, as gin has done in recent years, with added elegance, better glassware and a premium serve.

In a follow up to The Gender...

Women growing to love beer

Last month, brewpub group Brewhouse and Kitchen hosted the UK's ‘femALE’  Brew Day across the nation, inviting local women to come and brew a unique beer. Each beer was unique to the site it was brewed at and Brewhouse & Kitchen are ready to unveil the hard work of local women, reclaiming a craft birthed by women. Brewhouse & Kitchen are releasing a new femALE-brewed blend for...

Women’s Day Beer brewed by Nomadic

A new beer ‘Hiutaca’ has just been launched at the Turks Head in Leeds. This Baltic Porter is to celebrate International Womens' Day and has been brewed by an all-female team.

Owner of Nomadic Beers, Dr. Katie Marriott, talks about the beer and why it’s special: “International Women’s Day is on 8th March and as a female brewery owner, I really...

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