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What is it about?

The objective of the charter is to highlight best practice in the supply chain to ensure that there are the highest levels of service standards, thus ensuring beer is delivered in prime condition. Any distributor must adhere to the following criteria in order to gain the charter:

  • Warehouses should have a refrigerated area for the storage of cask ale with temperatures maintained between 11°C – 13°C. This will ensure that the beer, when delivered to the licensee, is in the best possible condition.
  • Always operate a first-in first-out policy with stock Goods received into Primary Warehouse should be a maximum seven days from rack to give the supply chain the best opportunity to fulfil the date requirements
  • Delivery to outlet must be at least 14 days before ‘best before’ / ‘sell by’ date to ensure licensee has adequate time to condition and dispense
  • No fining on premises to ensure no contamination takes place
  • Maximum number of movements between warehouses is three – ensuring finings work most effectively
  • Ideally you should load on the day of delivery to ensure no heat pick-up
  • To have a quality control procedure that enables both suppliers and customers to audit
  • To make all deliveries within Health & Safety Standards draymen should be appropriately trained in the handling of cask ale
  • To ensure, on uplift, all casks are properly sealed and have available for the licensee keystones, corks and spiles
  • To ensure the brewers ullage procedures are adhered to so that quality problems can be quickly identified and addressed
  • Draymen should stillage casks when appropriate

Who holds the Distributor Charter?

In order for a distributor to hold the charter every one of their depots must be able to meet all the criteria. The following companies currently hold the charter:


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