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You can renew your membership here if you know whether you have a sponsor and how much you should be paying. If you are a Punch or EI Group tenant, in the 1st year they will automatically sponsor you and you do not need to get their agreement, we have already done that. In future years EI Group will continue to automatically sponsor you for 50% of the fee.

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Amount: £72.50
VAT: £14.50
Total: £87

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Amount: £145
VAT: £29
Total: £174

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Cask Marque is supported by many companies in the brewing industry. Sponsors support their pubs or customers by sponsoring them in order to gain Cask Marque Accreditation.

Should a pub fail an inspection, the sponsor will provide advice on how to remedy the problem. Below are current Cask Marque sponsors; if you stock beers from, or are owned by, one of the following, there is a possibility they will sponsor you. All sponsorship must be agreed with the brewer or pub company, though we may be able to assist in requesting permission. For more information, please call us on 01206 752212 or email [email protected].