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Bespoke Training Courses

About this Service

We know that some organisations have their own individual training requirements. Our Bespoke Training service is designed to create and develop your own branded training course tailored to suit your aims and objectives. View the course content below to see what this can include:

What does this service cover?
Upon completion of the course learners will have a clear understanding of:


  • Consultation with our training manager
  • A set of clear learning outcomes
  • A synopsis of the training course
  • Assessment criteria options
  • Design of training materials
  • Delivery of the training course
  • Train the Trainer (if required)

Prices vary depending on the work so call Annabel on 07902 058500 or email [email protected] to discuss further


If you would like to discuss bespoke training courses then please phone

Annabel Smith on 07920 058500 or email [email protected]


Case Study: In January 2018 Timothy Taylor’s Sales Director requested a bespoke ‘Beer Quality Course’ for their team of ten sales managers. The objective of the training was to enable and empower the sales managers to assist their customers decrease wastage, increase yield and improve beer quality. Cask Marque developed a three hour interactive workshop for the team which covered all the aspects which affect quality, and how the sales managers could address these issues confidently and competently with their account base.

Paul Matthews, Sales Director, said about the workshop: 

“In short fantastic! I think you initially had a few sceptics having worked for Taylor’s for a long time and felt they knew everything there was to know.”

 The Content was:

  • Spot on we covered the basics concisely and thoroughly at the right level for a team such as this from ingredients to glass
  • The flow and ‘journey’ from brewery to glass was also very logical and clear to follow even for novices
  • I noted at least 5 things (holding pegs, hammering properly, conditioning v’s settling, secondary rolling of the keg, use of a block of wood to isolate gas and not get a ‘beer shampoo’!) I believe the guys didn’t all know.
  • The commercial content regarding what Yield could actually mean in cash to a licensee was well received and helped contextualise the hard numbers for the publican and how to challenge yield of poor beer
  • Several of the team commented on Edward and Annabel’s knowledge which tells me they learnt a lot on the day

The Pace was excellent, you kept everyone engaged whilst delivering the full content

The Handouts gave us all enough to keep this fresh in the memory and be able to refer back to

The Equipment brought on the day was perfect to demonstrate even if the cellar had not been available

Verdict 10/10!


Paul Matthews

Sales Director, Timothy Taylor