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About Our Virtual Cask Masterclass Online Course

We have re-purposed the way we deliver cellar management training to Licensees, Managers and Bar Staff. Online courses can reduce the amount of time spent away from the business as well as travel & accommodation costs.

We have produced a Virtual Cask Masterclass training course, designed to be hosted live via Zoom by our highly-experienced trainers. You can schedule a Masterclass for your team by contacting us.

Course Content

The Cask Masterclass is split into five live tutorials, each lasting 60 minutes. The topics covered are:

  1. What is cask ale?
  2. What makes a great cask cellar?
  3. How is cask conditioned?
  4. What makes a perfect pint: glassware and dispense
  5. What common faults occur in cask ale?

Each tutorial is hosted by a Cask Marque expert, and the content contains a blend of slides, videos, exercises, and group participation. The learning outcomes are assessed throughout using an interactive polling tool.

Participants are encouraged to submit questions throughout the tutorial to benefit from the trainer’s knowledge.

Participants will be able to develop an action plan to use in their own venues, using the information they have learned during that session.

Supporting documentation will be provided through the Cask Marque website, with each participant gaining access to an ongoing forum after the course.

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