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The Cask Marque plaque displayed outside the pub says to customers that you are serious about cask ale.

34% of beer drinkers would not order a second drink if they thought the quality was poor – the Cask Marque plaque is a ‘kite mark’ for quality cask ale.


Point of Sale material is free of charge which includes drip mats, tent cards, window stickers, pump clip stickers and more for you to publicise your success.


All accredited pubs are featured on ‘CaskFinder’, a free smartphone app available from to all i-Phone and Android users. The app directs users to their nearest Cask Marque accredited pub, and also tells users what beers are served, as well as ‘Cyclops’ tasting notes on all the beers. Currently over 65,000 beer drinkers are using the app each month to find their nearest Cask Marque accredited pub.


Your pub, together with details of its facilities will be listed on the Cask Marque website and hot linked into your own website.


A licensee with the Award is entitled to use the Cask Marque logo on all promotional materials, menus and advertising.


An opportunity to access Cask Marque cellar management training programmes (Award in Beer and Cellar Quality) at preferential rates. This is a nationally recognised qualification awarded by the British Institute of Innkeeping, and can increase beer sales by up to 7%.


Cask Marque keep accredited pubs updated regularly with trade news and industry events such as National Cask Ale Week and the Cask Report.


Cask Marque accredited pubs can now be downloaded via lap tops or PC’s to satellite navigation systems including Garmins and Tom Tom. This service is free of charge and will enable cask ale consumers to identify Cask Marque pubs on their point of interest facility, on points of interest near you, at break of journey and end of journey.

Why Should You Join Cask Marque?

Many licensees ask us what the commercial benefits of joining Cask Marque are. Does it really increase sales of cask ale? Does it have a positive benefit on business and can it increase the number of customers visiting your pub?

Cask Marque conducted a survey of over 1,000 random Cask Marque accredited licensees to see if they had benefited from having the accreditation. The results surprised even us!

  • Over half the accredited sites we interviewed said their customers know Cask Marque was a ‘badge of quality’ for beer
  • 88% of pubs who responded reported they had seen increased sales since gaining the accreditation
  • 98% of accredited outlets said they would recommend the scheme to other licensees

Why sell cask ale at all?

Let’s look at some of the facts about Cask Ale published in the 2016-17 & 2017-18 Cask Reports.

  • Cask drinkers visit the pub more often than other drinks – 42% go to the pub weekly, or more
  • They spend more money in the pub, £1030 per year – 30% more than the average drinker
  • If the quality is good, they bring other drinkers into the pub – 72% will reommned the pub to their friends
  • They are more loyal to their cask pub of choice 
  • Cask ale value to pubs has grown 22% in the last 5 years
  • Cask ale continues to grow its market share and accounts for 58% of on-trade ale

Cask Marque at a Glance

Information and FAQ about Cask Marque

Cask Marque Licensee Leaflet

See our Members, Sponsors and Testimonials


Cask Marque is supported by a number of brewers and pub companies. Each one pays an annual membership depending on their barrelage or size. Our sponsoring companies can be viewed here

The benefits of becoming a corporate member are shown below:

  • The ability to sponsor pubs for Cask Marque accreditation. To help, a third of your subscription cost is returned in the form of credits.
  • The use of the Cask Marque logo on all merchandising and stationery. This shows a commitment to best practice and cask.
  • Our team of Roger Clayson and Annabel Smith are available to advise on increasing profitability from cask ale sales.
  • The team can devise bespoke solutions to grow sales and profits whether through quality initiatives or training.
  • We can support company initiatives both internally by presentations and externally through PR.
  • Membership gives the opportunity to link your company name with Cask Marque and generate PR.
  • Supporting Cask Marque drives the cask category by helping Cask Marque achieve its objectives.
  • Monthly billing of sponsorship and project work.
  • Cask Marque will monitor on each renewal that the sponsor’s brands are still being stocked by a pub to ensure that the investment by the sponsoring brewer generates extra sales.
  • Access to online reporting to monitor your pubs’ performance
  • Access to current and historical information on who is stocking your brands and the results
  • Notification within 24 hours where a beer has failed a Cask Marque inspection and recommended action required.
  • Industry analysis of visits ie glass care and the ability to benchmark your beer quality performance against other competitors.
  • Link your company into retailer quality initiatives thus supporting your customers.
  • Members discount on training courses and project work.
  • Company links from our website.
  • If a brewery we will include details of your brewery trips on www.visitabrewery.co.uk a consumer website.
  • Annual invitation to join the Company AGM.


One of the many benefits of joining Cask Marque is that Point of Sale materials are free of charge (excluding the plaque which is available at cost price of £30 + VAT).

The contents of the Cask Marque Point of Sale kit includes:

  • Plaque for outside wall
  • Window sticker
  • Pump clip stickers
  • Charters & Information
  • Bar runners
  • Pub finder cards
  • Drip mats
  • Framed Certificate
* Final designs and kit contents may vary slightly from those shown on this page


“It’s a great way of getting more people into your pub”
Kathryn Longden

Bar Work

“The Cask Marque award helped us to communicate the quality of our cask ale to consumers who had not stepped through the door for a number of years. They now regularly drink – and eat – at the Halfway House so it has improved our overall sales”
Adam Cohen

Halfway House

“I wanted to be recognised for serving good quality cask ales. If you have a good reputation for ale, people will seek you out”
Dawn Edwards

The Wrens Hotel

“Customers want to know information about the beer, where it has come from. Cask Marque supply us with free POS throughout the year, including sample glasses. The Cask Marque plaque makes you feel safe, knowing the beer will be good”
Ruth Edwards

The Chemic Tavern


Cask Marque is supported by many companies in the brewing industry. Sponsors support their pubs or customers by sponsoring them in order to gain Cask Marque Accreditation.

Below are current Cask Marque sponsors; if you stock beers from, or are owned by, one of the following, there is a possibility they will sponsor you. All sponsorship must be agreed with the brewer or pub company, though we may be able to assist in requesting permission. For more information, please call us on 01206 890757 or email [email protected].

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