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Improving Beer Quality in Pubs

Since 1997 Cask Marque has been ensuring that the cask ale you drink in pubs is in perfect condition. Each year our 50 qualified assessors make over 20,000 visits to pubs in England, Scotland, Wales, Europe and even the U.S to check the temperature, appearance, aroma and taste of Britain’s favourite drink.

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  • 1. Simon Barton4388 scans
  • 2. Alison Graham4356 scans
  • 3. John Graham4356 scans
  • 4. Mick Allen4330 scans
  • 5. Glynn Hemingway4186 scans
  • 6. Keith Bunyan3795 scans
  • 7. Paul Carter3780 scans
  • 8. Paul Flint3275 scans
  • 9. Carl Griffin3064 scans
  • 10. Sam Compton3049 scans

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From our blog

What Ails Cask Ale? (Part Two)

(Reproduced courtesy of Pete Brown. Follow him here.)

After talking last week about some general attitudes and behaviours around cask ale, this week I’m focusing in on the sense I got from research about some specific issues around how cask is presented to the consumer.

Everyone has their own opinions about cask. The main reason we do...

Pete Brown talks about Cask Report research

Here’s a video of beer journalist, and 9 time Cask Report writer Pete Brown talking about his research for the 2018-19 Cask Report.

Interesting Points:

People are interest in benefits, not features...

Quality always matters! Closely linked to awareness and knowledge.

The vast majority of drinkers have a preference to a cooler cask ale temperature when served.

 When licensees are...

What Ails Cask Ale? (Part One)

(Reproduced courtesy of Pete Brown. Follow him here.)

The latest edition of the Cask Report has prompted quite the debate around the plight and possible future of cask. I didn’t write the Report this year (well, only bits of it) but I did do the research behind it. With a head full of stats, here’s my take. 


Ale Enthusiasts bound together by Cask Marque Ale Trail

A group of ale enthusiasts brought together by Cask Marque’s ‘Ale Trail’ have forged a firm friendship after becoming Ale Ambassadors for the brand.

Drinkers are awarded ‘Ale Ambassador’ status by Cask Marque when they scan 500 or more Cask Marque certificates, using the Caskfinder app. Caskfinder users are encouraged to seek out the certificate in Cask Marque accredited pubs...

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