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Catching up with friends No 1 reason for visiting the pub

It’s official – millions of Brits are happiest when they’re in the pub, a study has revealed. A poll of 2,000 Brits saw more than a quarter admit they feel happiest when enjoying time in their nearest watering hole.

Despite many pubs closing their doors, and more and more people opting to stay at home to have a drink, the nation’s love affair with their local is as strong as ever. And Brits are most likely to escape to the pub for a pick-me-up after a hard day at work, an argument with a partner or just to catch up with an old friend.

The survey was conducted by Tribute Cornish pale ale – St Austell Brewery’s flagship beer – to celebrate Cask Ale Week, which runs until October 1st.

A spokesperson said: “Pubs in Britain have a long and interesting history, with some having stood for centuries, serving all kinds of people – from the richest to the poorest. And the fact that more people say they’re happier in the pub than in a park, while driving or even while shopping just goes to prove how much we love popping out for a pint. We wanted to find out not only how many Brits say they feel happiest in the pub, but some of the reasons why.”

A third of Brits surveyed through OnePoll.com also laugh the most at the pub, twice as many as those that have a giggle at work and more than at their friends’ houses. And it was also revealed to be the most likely place to catch up with friends, outstripping cafés, restaurants and the gym.

Brits visit the pub twice a month on average, and three in ten say they often escape to the pub when they’re feeling stressed or annoyed. One in five Britons also visit their local so often they’re on first-name terms with the bar staff and landlord. Catching up with friends was voted as the number-one reason that Brits love to get to the pub, with the general atmosphere a close second. And the main reason for pubs to exist – the chance to have a few drinks – was the third most popular reason for a visit.

Four in ten Brits say they’ll make a special trip to visit a pub that serves their favourite beer, and lager was revealed to be the most common drink in the land, with a pint of cask ale coming a close second.

Coming top of the poll for brewing quality regionally-produced beer was Cornwall. More than 16 per cent picked the popular staycation location as having the country’s very best beer.

The greatest pub meal was voted fish and chips, with two in 10 selecting the dish over all other choices on the menu. One in ten said they’d opt for a classic burger and chips, or a ploughman’s lunch.

Tribute Cornish pale ale’s spokesperson said: “There’s never been more choice on the bar, but what remains most important is quality. Great cask beer is unsurpassable and an integral part of British pub culture and Cask Ale Week is a celebration of just that. We’re delighted to see Cornwall – our brewing home – coming out top in the poll, and being recognised as producing the best quality and flavoursome beer. We’d encourage everyone to get out to their local pub with friends or loved ones and celebrate Cask Ale Week with a pint of the good stuff – enjoyed responsibly.”

Roger Protz, editor of the latest Good Beer Guide, said: “The British pub is unique and it has a character and atmosphere that could never be replaced. It’s reassuring that people still recognise that there is no better place for people to meet, enjoy a beer, strike up a conversation, meet new friends and put the world to rights. Pubs are not only the heart of the community, but they are an institution and synonymous with British culture and it’s vital that we continue to support them.”

Tribute Cornish pale ale is brewed in Cornwall by St Austell Brewery. The independent family-run brewery and pub company was founded in 1851.


  1. Catching up with friends
  2. The atmosphere
  3. The opportunity to have a few drinks
  4. Laughing with friends
  5. The food
  6. Somewhere I can drink real ale
  7. It’s close to home
  8. Having a romantic night with partner
  9. Playing pool
  10. Playing fruit/quiz machines