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Stay In A Pub: Five East Anglian Brewery Tours to Discover This Summer

East Anglia is a region brimming with diverse attractions catering to every taste, including keen beer enthusiasts. Across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Bedfordshire, there are a variety of historic pubs and renowned breweries that promise not just a delightful day out but also a tranquil evening’s rest.

From industry giants such as Greene King and regional favourites like Adnams and Woodfordes, to state-of-the-art breweries like Brewpoint (owned by family brewers Wells & Co) and boutique producers Bishop Nick, East Anglia boasts a rich brewing heritage. Each brewery offers tours that unveil the meticulous craft behind brewing a British pint, showcasing distinct flavours and traditions.

But the experience doesn’t end with the last sip of beer. For those seeking a truly immersive getaway, having overnight accommodation nearby is paramount. Nestled nearby are cosy pubs offering accommodation to ensure enthusiasts can fully immerse themselves in the brewing experience.

Stay In a Pub worked with Cask Marque, the brewery-led accreditation for pubs serving great quality beer, to pull together a selection of brewery tours and places to stay across the region.

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