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The Cask Report 2017-18 is now available and contains a wealth of material to help you make a profit from cask beer. Download it here.

For this year’s report we have undertaken a large consumer survey through YouGov as well as a similar online poll of cask licensees. The focus of the surveys was to learn more about:

1) Consumers’ views on the premiumisation of cask

2) How cask supports the British pub

From the feedback, we have gained a wealth of knowledge on both topics, much of which is covered in this report and should be of enormous value to both brand marketeers and retailers. The opportunity to raise profit from cask has never been greater.

Cask ale is proving resilient in today’s tough market conditions, maintaining strong market share and developing new products to sustain customer loyalty. Among pubs with a focus on cask and quality beer generally, 65% have seen cask sales grow in the last year, with just 7% experiencing a dip. Licensees have told us why they think their cask sales are increasing and we also examine why licensees cannot afford to ignore these high-spending drinkers.

What’s more, our consumer research shows that consumers are prepared to pay more for their point. You can find out more about setting an appropriate pricing strategy within the report and how to get  your offer right.