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Women growing to love beer

Last month, brewpub group Brewhouse and Kitchen hosted the UK’s ‘femALE’  Brew Day across the nation, inviting local women to come and brew a unique beer. Each beer was unique to the site it was brewed at and Brewhouse & Kitchen are ready to unveil the hard work of local women, reclaiming a craft birthed by women. Brewhouse & Kitchen are releasing a new femALE-brewed blend for a limited time only, with each pint sold resulting in a donation to the pub’s chosen Breast Cancer Research charity. 

The event took place across all Brewhouse & Kitchen sites nationwide, inviting the community to try the beer and join the tapping party fun. The ‘femALE’ brewed beer will be available during April. Alongside the femALE campaign, Brewhouse and Kitchen surveyed 2000 Brits to unveil their attitudes towards the rising prominence of the craft beer industry, which is going from strength to strength.

 Brewhouse & Kitchen research has found that:

  • 25% of women would rather drink an alternative style of beer than a lager
  • When drinking at a pub, 23% of women will try more alternative styles of beer than they would have ten years ago
  • 18%  of women often drink craft beer instead of more mainstream beers
  • 16% of women said that beer was their favourite alcoholic beverage

The craft beer movement has presented many more palatable options for consumers. Whilst lager has dominated the market for the past 50 years, a quarter of women would now rather drink alternative styles of beer than lager. Now, craft brewing has opened up the possibility for experimentation, allowing the market to become filled with interesting, unique flavours that satisfy the 10m Brits who prefer craft beer to mainstream beers. In response to these attitudes, Brewhouse & Kitchen are committed to providing one of the UK’s widest portfolio of beers, both by way of beer category and flavour notes.
Brewhouse and Kitchen Marketing Manager Gail Bunn says the rise of women in the industry can be credited to the skills it takes along with changing attitudes in society: 
“Women have greater ability to distinguish between high numbers of aromas and flavours, which is key to success in craft brewing. Along with this, beer companies are more aware of the importance of female beer drinkers and women now feel more comfortable to drink beer, attend pubs and contribute to the growth of the industry. We’re seeing this reflected in both our customers base and growth of women participating in our Brewing Academy, which fosters successful careers in brewing. The beer the women brewed for International Women’s Day was tapped last week and will be on sale for a month to raise money for chosen charities. We wanted to celebrate women’s contributions to the industry, encourage new ladies to consider the trade by introducing them to the brewing process, but most of all to just make the wonderful world of craft beer more approachable to women, and to encourage women to enjoy the wealth of styles and flavours available.”