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Winners announced of the SIBA Wales & West Beer Competition 2016

Winners from the ‘Wales & West’ beer competition, run by SIBA, have been announced, with Salopian Brewery taking home the much coveted overall Gold in the cask competition with ‘Hoptwister’ and Gloucester Brewery winning overall champion in the small pack (bottle and can) competition with Gloucester Gold.

HoptwisternewBeers from 65 different independent breweries were pitted against one another by 130 expert judges during the competition, which takes place at the Ludlow Spring Festival. The competition spans a range of categories, including everything from traditional bitters, stouts and milds to IPAs, pale ales, sour beers and specialty ales, being judged in both cask and small pack (can and bottle) format.

Jake Douglas, Director at Salopian Brewery had this to say on their win:

“We’re over the moon, it’s brilliant, we’ve won a number of awards this year but this one means the most. It’s a beer that ticks all the boxes for so many different people. Balanced, modern and hoppy, but really drinkable. We have a simple mantra that when people are drinking our beers they should get three quarters of the way through and want to have a another one, and this beer is great for that.”

Buster Grant, SIBA Competition Organiser, says these really are the best of the best:

“I would like to congratulate all of the category winners in what was an extremely high standard of competition this year. Particular praise must also be given to the overall champions who really are the best of the best in the region – I’m sure visitors to the festival are looking forward to getting their hands on these award winning beers.”

The awards, judged by brewers and beer industry experts, are seen as the pinnacle competition for craft brewers in the region. The beer festival, which continues today, allows members of the public to taste the Champion beers, along with around 200 others, in the beautiful setting of Ludlow Castle.

Overall Champion of the Competition

Sponsored by:  SPAsoft Ltd

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Salopian Brewery  Hoptwister 4.5
Silver  Glamorgan Brewing Company  Jemimas Pitchfork 4.4
Bronze  Bespoke Brewing Co Ltd  Money for Old Rope 4.8


Standard Mild Ales & Brown Ales                                    

Sponsored by Clarke Dove (Insurance Brokers) Ltd

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Prescott Ales Spring Seasons Best 3.8
Silver  Big Hand Brewing Co. Ltd. Little Monkey 4.0
Bronze  Bespoke Brewing Co Ltd Kings Shilling 4.2


Standard Bitters & Pale Ales

Sponsored by CBI Insurance

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Combined Brewers Ltd  Nibley Ale 3.8
Silver  Purple Moose Brewery Ltd  Snowdonia Ale 3.6
Bronze  Tudor Brewery  Blorenge 3.8


Best Bitters & Pale Ale 

Sponsored by Charles Faram & Co Ltd

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Glamorgan Brewing Company Jemimas Pitchfork 4.4
Silver  Teme Valley Brewery That 4.1
Bronze  BC Brewing & Pub Company Ltd Back to Basics 4.2


Premium Bitters & Pale Ales 

Sponsored by Rankin Brothers & Sons

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Salopian Brewery  Hoptwister 4.5
Silver  Glamorgan Brewing Company  Thunderbird 4.5
Bronze  Hobsons Brewery  Town Crier 4.5


Strong Bitters & Pale Ales

Sponsored by Crisp Malting Group

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  The Clun Brewery Citadel 5.9
Silver  The Waen Brewery ltd Landmark 5.5
Bronze  Hurns Brewing Company Pecker Wrecker 5.0


Premium Strong Beers

Sponsored by Murphy & Son Ltd

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Wobbly Brewing Co  IPA No3 6.0
Silver  Wye Valley Brewery  Dorothy Goodbody’s Country Ale 6.0
Bronze  Big Hand Brewing Co. Ltd.  Telekinesis 6.9


Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, Strong Milds & Strong Brown Ales

Sponsored by Close Brothers Brewery Rentals

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Bespoke Brewing Co Ltd Money for Old Rope 4.8
Silver  Hop & Stagger Brewery Bridgnorth Porter 5.0
Bronze  Grey Trees Brewery Valley porter 4.6


Speciality Beers

Sponsored by CBI Insurance Consultants

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  The Waen Brewery ltd  Snowball 7.0
Silver  Stroud Brewery  Organic Smoked Porter 6.5
Bronze  Boss Brewing Company  Boss Bliss 4.6