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Wadworth Summer Ales

Wadworth’s brewery team have been busily brewing up three new summer ales in Devizes, Wiltshire.  Launching this spring and summer, pub goers will get the chance to try the new beers: Burnt Orange IPA, a pale English ale with citrus aroma; Summer Ale, a thirst quencher golden ale and a salute to the style, Wadworth’s own American IPA with a zingy and clean finish on the palate.

Speaking about the new range, Jonathan Thomas, commercial director for Wadworth said, “We wanted to really experiment this year with popular new hop varieties and flavours.  This new summer range provides unique beers for those established cask beer drinkers as well as appealing to new drinkers just starting on their cask beer journey”.

Following a successful trial in 2018, Burnt Orange IPA is available from April and is also featured in Wetherspoon’s spring cask selection.  Flaked barley is added with four varieties of malts; Pale Ale, Amber, Munich and Wheat malt and bitterness and aroma is introduced through Admiral and Amarillo hop varieties to create American IPA ready for the 4th July summer celebrations.  The Summer Ale has been created to bring sunshine in liquid form with this new session golden ale having tropical fruits and spicy floral flavours balanced with a malty and biscuit sweet profile.