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Video of the ‘best pub on the planet’, the Fat Cat in Norwich

Find out what makes the Fat Cat in Norwich such a favourite with its local community.

This video has been made by students of the University of East Anglia and includes interviews with the pub’s staff and its customers. The pub’s well-kept cask ale is at the heart of its success as well as its emphasis on providing a friendly environment for all ages.

One of the students, David Westby, 21, who lives in Dereham Road, said: “I’ve just finished at the UEA, but when we made the film we were students at the international school of development, which has a partnership with Postcode Films, which made it.

“It was quite funny how we chose to film the Fat Cat. I live close by and every time I go in there, there’s always a buzz about it, and I thought it would be interesting to capture it, as it’s unique.

Landlord Colin Keatley said: “I love this pub and I shall probably be here until I die. I look forward to coming to work every day.

“It’s a nice environment to drink in, and you are never bothered by idiots. You get all walks of life in here, from a dustman to a professor, and they all come in for one reason, to drink beer.”

You can see the video here