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Robinsons’ show that well-run pubs and good beer sales go hand in hand

Since launching in June 2012, Robinsons’ mystery visitor programme, Perfect Pub, has recruited over 1000 customers operating as Perfect Pub ‘agents’ and has also revealed a 9% sales swing for Robinsons pubs linked directly with standards. If you haven’t got a similar feedback mechanic for your pub, is this something that you could set up?

“The results reveal what you hope – pubs that score higher sell more beer,” Explains David Bremner, Director of Marketing at Robinsons. “Our pub’s that score consistently well are 5%+ on beer volume. Pubs that have shown improvement in score over the last 12 months are up 4%, and those that have declined in score are -4% in volume. That’s a swing of 9% volume which is directly linked to standards. Raising standards is something all of our pubs can achieve at a relatively low cost.”

 Information from over 1325 missions has shown that agents have been particularly impressed with the ‘bar service’ in Robinsons pubs – scoring an average of 90%; traditional ‘boozers’ have improved their score by almost 20%; and just under 1/3 of Robinsons entire pub estate is attaining a rating of over 95%.

“1000 pub agents in just under 2 years is fantastic!” said Retail Standards Consultant Angela Bremner. “Not only are we gaining real feedback from target customers, who are passionate about supporting the Great British pub, but the agents – and their friends and families – are also rewarding us with their loyalty and returning to our pubs time and time again.”

Sarah Rogers, Retail Marketing Manager at Robinsons, added: “Delivering great service and retail standards is essential to driving sales and competing with the best managed, tenanted or free houses in any given area – it’s an area we all have to focus on in tough times. Staff training is key to all this.”

The Robinsons Perfect Pub programme has three simple steps for mystery visitors: 1. visit the pub. 2. Tell Robinsons what you think of the pub. 3. Get paid £15 for going to the pub.