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New Bunny Hop cask beer from Purity

Award-winning craft brewer Purity Brewing Company is set to launch its first new permanent beer in seven years – an extra hoppy pale ale called Bunny Hop.

With the industry increasingly moving towards keg, the brewery is unveiling its first year-round cask beer since its iconic Mad Goose, and claiming proudly that whilst the quality of keg beers – including its own international award winning Longhorn IPA, Lawless Lager and Saddle Black – is excellent, cask is still king!

Brewed with Maris Otter, Lager Malt, Wheat Malts and Cara Pils, and generously hopped with Pilgrim, Eureka, El Dorado and Chinook, Bunny Hop is a bold beer, which perfectly balances low abv (3.5%), pale malts and powerful hops.

It has a pronounced bitterness at 55 IBU’s but an extraordinarily pale colour, similar to that of a pilsener, with aromas of fresh grass, pine and grapefruit, thanks to the generous use of Chinook, and a dash of El Dorado offering apricot and peach notes.

bunny-hopBunny Hop has been expertly brewed to deliver a clean, dry mouthfeel with no compromise on hop aroma and a full, hoppy flavour profile.

Cask beer is a British institution and one for which Purity has a profound respect. Purity’s ethic was founded on a basis of absolute quality, and as part of this, the Warwickshire-based brewer has shouted loudly and educated its customers and consumers about the virtues of well-looked-after, cask-conditioned beers.

The launch of Bunny Hop shows Purity’s commitment to cask beer and the upholding of tradition, whilst pushing the boundaries of what is possible when using the finest hops and malts to create an extraordinary, yet perfectly balanced beer.

Purity’s Director of Brewing, Flo Vialan, explains: “Creating a very pale, low abv beer, which packs a punch in the flavour stakes, was a big challenge. With this beer we have had to innovate to the extreme, even to the point of designing and manufacturing new equipment, which allows us to dry hop the beer in a way that delivers a perfect balance between not only the hop and the malt, but also the hop and the yeast, an aspect which is often overlooked in brewing.”

Paul Halsey, Purity MD, adds: “Bunny Hop has been a work of great passion and innovation, and marks the culmination of more than ten years at the head of this fantastic business. The brewery started with a leap of faith when I sold up all I owned to get it going. This beer is a nod to that and has great meaning for me personally.

“I stumbled upon Upper Spernall Farm where our Brewery is now based during a cycle ride through the Warwickshire countryside. As I rode my mountain bike along the winding lane, I remember having to dodge the rabbits that shot out in front of me and one in particular nearly made me crash into Granville the farm owner. As I dusted myself down, we got talking about my plans for a brewery and Granville suggested his farm as the perfect location. The rest is history.

“I have a lot to thank those rabbits for, hence the name! Bunny Hop is a remarkable beer and a true reflection of what an incredible brew team we have at Purity.”