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Look ahead to Beer Day Britain on June 15th

Beer Day Britain has been a resounding success since it first took place in 2015 supported by all sectors of the brewing, pub, and beer retailing industries, and is very popular with beer drinkers. The purpose of Beer Day Britain is for people to drink beer ideally in the pub, for the country to have a national party and celebrate the national drink. The annual celebration is held on June 15th 2019.

How can people join in on Beer Day Britain?

  • Go to the pub and join in the National Cheers to Beer at 7pm.   This entails people raising a glass, saying Cheers To Beer and using social media with the hashtag #CheersToBeer. The National Cheers to Beer always trends on social media. In 2018 there were 8.25 million social media engagements. On Twitter Beer Day Britain 2018 knocked the FIFA World Cup into 2nd place and was even trending the following day.
  • Tell friends and social media followers about Beer Day Britain and encourage them to go to the pub, ideally a Cask Marque accredited pub and join in the celebrations. To find your nearest Cask Marque accredited pub download the free Cask Finder smart phone app.

Jane Peyton, instigator and project manager of Beer Day Britain commented ‘We have so much to be proud of with Britain’s vibrant brewing heritage and current brewing scene and the fact that our pubs are a cornerstone of the social life of the nation. Seven out of ten drinks sold in a pub are beer and a big percentage of that is cask ale. Without beer, pubs would be wine bars. Now we have an official day to celebrate beer in Britain so please join us for a national party so we can make Beer Day Britain the best beer fiesta in the world!’