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Tribute taxis into London

St Austell Brewery has launched a London-based taxi advertising campaign, promoting their flagship beer Tribute Cornish Pale Ale. The full livery advertising campaign will run for 12 months on taxis across Central London.

The campaign shows taxi users where they can pick up a pint of the traditional Cornwall favourite in the Capital, without the need to take a ‘five hour cab ride’ down to the South West as the interior tip-seat adverts feature a map, directing passengers to their nearest pint of Tribute. St Austell beers are available in over 350 pubs and bars within the M25.


St Austell’s Jeremy Mitchell said: “London is a key market for our beers and it is very exciting to see Tribute being advertised on the iconic London taxi. This campaign will help introduce Tribute to more consumers in the capital while also giving practical advice on where in London you can enjoy a pint of this Cornish classic.”

Tribute Cornish Pale Ale is one of the fastest growing premium cask ale brands throughout the rest of the UK. It was named Best Regional Cask Ale 2012, 2013 and 2014, at the Publicans Choice Awards and Best Drink at the Food Reader Awards in 2013. Tribute was also voted the licensees’ Regional Cask Ale of the Year at the Publicans’ Suppliers Awards 2012 and is currently in the top five of the UK’s best-selling premium cask ales. This new campaign clearly demonstrates a significant financial commitment to the brand.