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Top 10 Tips to Improve Beer Quality

Here are our top tips for improving beer quality. If you are finding your beer is not up to scratch or customers are complaining about your beer here are 10 ways to improve beer quality.

  1. Beer when delivered must be kept in a cold store or cellar and not left in direct sunlight
  2. Maintain cellar temperature between 11°-13°C
  3. Install temperature controlled equipment from cellar to bar
  4. The cellar must be kept spotlessly clean
  5. Monitor closely stock rotation and selling dates and allow time for the beer to condition before serving
  6. Clean the beer lines at least every 7 days and keep records for health & safety purposes
  7. Train staff on how to serve a pint ensuring good presentation and less wastage
  8. Ensure your glass washer leaves no film on the glasses as this will damage head retention
  9. Do not have too many beers on sale as beer when broached must be sold within 3 days
  10. At closing time always insert a hard peg unless using an auto cask breather