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“There’s a Beer for That” £10m marketing campaign

The new ad campaign for Let There be Beer is launching on Sunday 2nd November and you can see the advert, “There’s a Beer for That”here.

The idea behind the campaign is the universal nature of beer and the multitude of opportunities for enjoying a beer, whether with food, after a long walk to a pub or in a restaurant. The advert shows that beer is the right choice for many occasions whether you are old or young, male or female, black or white and is the start of a £10million marketing campaign from the group known as Let There be Beer which is now transforming into Britain’s Beer Alliance.

Winterbottom said: “This is the first time I’ve directed a TV commercial. The idea was simple – to film a cross-section of people around the country enjoying a beer with a meal. I like beer and I like food, so it was hard to think of a reason not to do it.”

David Cunningham, who has been leading the campaign for Let There Be Beer since earlier this year, added: “This campaign has been designed to reignite Britain’s love of beer and to show its appeal across the full breadth of multi-cultural Britain. We wanted to demonstrate the quality, diversity and the versatility of beer.”

Mike Benner, Managing Director of SIBA, comments: “Our support for Britain’s Beer Alliance adds the voice of the smaller British brewer to the campaign and tells consumers that this is a genuine cross-industry alliance, which we know is something that motivates them. There’s A Beer For That’s three core messages about quality, diversity and versatility are ones that SIBA members are already demonstrating in spades: our 800 or so brewers produced around 10,000 beers last year, embracing the full variety of styles and constantly innovating to create new tastes. British brewing has never been more exciting and There’s A Beer For That will help us to take that message to a broader audience, so we are of course delighted to support it.”

Tony Jerome, CAMRA’s Head of Marketing has thrown CAMRA’s support behind the campaign saying: “I believe “There’s a Beer for That” is a far better title than “Let There Be Beer”. It offers more flexibility and lends itself perfectly to the campaign’s social and digital strategy that will support the TV campaign.

The TV campaign cleverly promotes beer in a stylish and believable way using both men and women drinking different styles of beer from stylish glassware whilst enjoying food in different environments. Although I would have liked to have seen the odd extra pub in the advert, I respect the objectives of the campaign are to reappraise all beer that is drunk in both the on and off-trade.

Programme Director, David Cunningham, has done a superb job listening to all sides of the beer industry. I would personally like to thank David for kindly involving CAMRA throughout the development of this new campaign. This communication has meant real ale gets good representation throughout.

What I have seen so far perfectly supports CAMRA’s Key Campaign to encourage more people to try a range of beer styles and I look forward to working with David, Louise Docherty, Mindshare, WhyNot and Frank PR over the next 14 months to champion real ale through this campaign.”

Graeme Craig the Director Brewing & Brands at Shepherd Neame is also keen to support the campaign saying that “I think the principles of the campaign are right, and the advert endorses the key message and covers the breadth across the category in styles and occasions. I am very supportive of the position.” Graeme was also keen talk up the idea of beer with food rather than wine adding “we need to break down the stereotype consumer message, particularly on TV, that it’s food and wine.”

Let us know what you think, can this new campaign help to rejuvenate the beer industry?