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Tasting Beer

Tasting beer is not just about being able to say ‘this pint is good’ or ‘this pint is bad’. It is important to be able to identify individual flavours which are present in the beer. There are 1000s of different beers available in British pubs and it is impossible to know what all of them ought to taste like. So instead, you need to learn which flavours should be present in beer and which shouldn’t.

These Cask Marque tasting cards show some of the flavours which you would expect to find in cask ale, as well as their ‘official’ name.


And similarly, it is important to be able to identify flavours which should not be present in beer, or the ‘off flavours’. Recognising what these are can help to identify the cause of any problem, be it a brewery fault, a problem in the cellar or lines or perhaps the beer has been on sale too long.