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Small Batch Brewery will serve up innovative brews for St Austell

St Austell Brewery has established a new Small Batch Brewery to create its latest collection of innovative beers.

Famous for its award-winning cask and bottled ales, the company is set to offer a range of new and exciting brews as it continues to deliver more choice for beer lovers, with a selection of small batch beers available at this year’s Celtic Beer festival taking place in the cellars of St Austell Brewery on November 28th.

Taking inspiration from all corners of the world, St Austell Brewery will be producing everything from Belgian beer to Eden Project-inspired pints.

staustell-rogerkettles1Roger Ryman, brewing director at St Austell Brewery, said: “All of our leading brands, including Tribute, Proper Job and Korev, started as experimental brews. With the Small Batch Brewery we can produce more limited edition beers, some of which could be the new brands of the future.”

One of the first beers brewed in the small batch brewery was a Belgian style dubbel beer called Cardinal Syn, which is a rich malty beer with some spicy characteristics, and will be available at this year’s beer festival.

The Small Batch Brewery will build on the success of the company’s previous micro-brewery. But with the opportunity to brew 3,000 pints at any one time instead of the previous 600, St Austell Brewery is keen to provide its managed estate with a constantly changing selection of new styles for customers to experience.

“We brew some fantastic beers for the St Austell Brewery Beer Festival and other events and wanted to be able to share them with more people than ever before,” said Rob Orton, brewing team leader at St Austell Brewery.

“This gives us the opportunity to build on our brewing skills and create a whole new world of beers for people to enjoy. People’s tastes are changing and we want to reflect this by showcasing the amazing styles that we can produce here.”

The Brewery will supply 35 St Austell Brewery pubs with the new styles, with pubs joining a small batch beer club to make the most of the latest tipples coming out of the brewery.

“People are becoming a lot more aware of what they enjoy and they are curious,” added Rob, “but this isn’t just about making new beers. It is about perfecting recipes and increasing our knowledge as brewers, learning how different ingredients work at different stages.

“There are well over 100 varieties of hops that all give different flavours so we are looking forward to playing with flavours and styles and making good quality beer as we always have.”

The Small Batch Brewery is now open with the first of its runs being pulled at this year’s Celtic Beer Festival. Visitors to St Austell Brewery will also be able to see the creative beer making process first hand as the Small Batch Brewery becomes part of the company’s enhanced visitor experience in 2016.

Want to find out more about why St Austell Brewery are developing the Small Batch Brewery? Click here for a short video with Roger Ryman down with the new equipment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIe1GS_YIFk