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SIBA sets out strategy to build opportunity for small brewers from MRO legislation

The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) has set out its strategy in response to the market rent only aspects of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015.

As part of its vision to ‘deliver the future of British beer’ SIBA, which represents more than 800 independent brewers, will help its members build new opportunities from the legislation while developing its unique commercial offer.

Following discussions at its AGM in March, SIBA’s four point plan will:

  • Build opportunity for improved free trade access
  • Build opportunity for the development of SIBA’s Beerflex (previously known as the Direct Delivery Scheme)
  • Ensure members’ interests are represented during the forthcoming consultation on the Statutory Code
  • Build campaigns to promote quality beer from SIBA brewers to licensees and consumers

SIBA managing director Mike Benner said, “Our members have challenged SIBA’s leadership to set a clear direction on the issue of the market rent only legislation and the new strategy is our response.

“SIBA has always taken a pragmatic approach to the issue and we will continue with it now the legislation is in place. Despite the uncertainties of the situation, we are working to provide our members with genuine opportunities focused on the evolution of our commercial offer through Beerflex and helping them gain access to new free trade opportunities which will hopefully appear in their areas.”

“Beerflex will create ‘local/craft’ beer solutions for all kinds of pub company businesses including tied, tenanted and managed operators, as well as providing the much-needed local beer offer for global brewers.  In addition, SIBA will offer its members help to build free trade access, as well as, hopefully, listings of pubs opting for an MRO as they become available.

“It is important that when the Government consults on the Statutory Code in the coming weeks, SIBA is at the table to ensure independent brewers are properly represented. Finally, over the next three years we will launch or support a series of initiatives to promote quality British beer as well as providing members, pub company bosses and licensees with the evidence and insight to reassure them that stocking beer from SIBA members will drive footfall and profitability in their pubs. We will be happy to work with all organisations who share our objectives.”