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Robinsons shows that top-quality pubs sell more beer

Robinsons pubs across the North West, Cumbria and North Wales have increased standards by 9% in just over 3 years according to data from the brewery’s ‘Perfect Pub’ mystery visitor programme. The programme, which is monitored by Robinsons’ third party partner Mystery Eyes, has shown that the average score across Robinsons 300 strong pub estate has increased from 75% in 2012 to 84% in 2015.

“An increase of 9% across an entire estate is no easy feat” explained Sarah Rogers, Retail Marketing Manager for Robinsons Brewery. “The clear upward trend is confirmation that the programme is working well and our customers are helping to drive excellent standards along with our licensees and their staff.”

Since the launch of Robinsons Perfect Pub in June 2012, over 2200 secret visits have taken place by ‘agents’ who have signed up via the Perfect Pub website. Tasked with completing 10 different categories ranging from roadside appeal to bar service, agents who partake receive payment for visiting the pub which in turn has given Robinsons invaluable information.

Sarah continued: “It’s a win, win for everyone. Our customers are happy as they enjoy going to the pub and we get honest comments that we can improve on and feedback to our licensees.”

It’s not just standards that are being driven either, beer volume is also being dictated by the quality of the pub. The top 5 scoring pubs shifted, on average, 13% more drinks volume than the 5 lowest scoring pubs.

Angela Bremner, Retail Standards Consultant of Mystery Eyes, said: “13% more volume on drinks is a massive increase and it just goes to show that delivering great service and retail standards is essential to driving sales.”