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‘Rising to the Challenge’

With Britain’s brewer and pub operators committed to selling alcohol responsibly, the BBPA has today published a new report highlighting the huge number of projects and initiatives in responsible retailing from both the BBPA and its members ahead of the first ever Global Beer Responsibility Day on Friday 18th September.

On this day, brewers, along with wholesalers, retailers, NGOs, government officials, law enforcement and other partners, will come together to promote responsible drinking in communities around the world. Beer and the brewing industry make significant positive contributions to local cultures and economies, and brewers want to protect these communities by making sure their products are consumed in moderation.

Binge drinking and other alcohol harm indicators are moving downwards in the UK, and all parts of the sector are committed to tackling alcohol harm. For their part, brewers and pub operators have participated in over 200 initiatives under the Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal, and through a range of innovations, have already removed around 1.2 billion units of alcohol from the UK market to help consumers drink within the lower risk guidelines.

Specific BBPA-led initiatives, such as the ‘Challenge 21’ campaign, have seen over 300,000 posters distributed to pubs to help enforce age verification policies. Over 50 per cent of consumers that have seen unit awareness information have seen it in pubs and bars.  Brewers have also worked to ensure that an impressive 85 per cent of beers on shelf now have unit content, lower risk drinking guidelines and a pregnancy warning on the label.

As well as covering the BBPA’s work and industry-wide initiatives such as Drinkaware and the PASS scheme, the report also includes a wide range of company case studies from BBPA members. These cover the development of new, lower strength beer products (Adnams and Molson  Coors), focused advertising campaigns (HEINEKEN), consumer information (AB InBev and Fuller’s), sponsorship (St Austell), drink driving (Diageo), local partnerships (Carlsberg UK, Joseph Holt) and staff training (SABMiller).

Initiatives on responsible retailing are also a global phenomenon, with over 1,000 initiatives across the world. On Global Beer Responsibility Day this Friday, 18th September, three of the world’s largest global brewers (AB InBev, Carlsberg and HEINEKEN) have teamed up to highlight a variety of responsibility programs around the world focusing on reducing the harmful use of alcohol and encouraging a culture of moderation.

Writing in the foreword, BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds, comments: “Whilst all brewers and pub operators want people to enjoy themselves and have memorable experiences, it is in no one’s interest that alcohol is misused. All in the brewing and pub industry take their responsibility to help promote responsible drinking and address alcohol-related harm extremely seriously.

“This report highlights just a small selection of some of the initiatives from the BBPA and our member companies. We will continue to showcase best practice and raise the bar on what can be achieved.”



The full report, Rising to the challenge – How brewers and pub companies are promoting alcohol responsibility is available on the BBPA website here: