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Pubs see beer sales increase in Q2

The beer industry has more to cheer about following the cut in Beer Duty as beer sales increased from April to June. According to the latest figures from the BBPA sales increased at the highest level since the the quarterly survey began in 1997. Following the historic second cut in Beer Duty earlier this year there was growth in both the on- and off-trade, with April to June bringing pubs their first quarterly beer sales increase in over two years.

  • Total beer sales up 9.5 per cent
  • Pub beer sales up 2.6 per cent
  • Supermarket and off-licence sales up 16.9 per cent

Pub beer sales saw a positive quarter for the first time since 2011, with the 2.6 per cent increase representing the highest rate of quarterly sales growth in the 21st Century. A combination of a later Easter and the World Cup is believed to have helped boost trade, along with the duty cut in the Budget.

Beer sales in off-licences and supermarkets saw the greatest boost in the quarter, with an increase of 16.9 per cent on the same quarter in 2013. It also represents the first twelve month period where off-trade sales of beer were higher than on-trade sales.

Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the BBPA, welcomed this growth especially for the pub sector saying:

“It has been a good quarter. These figures show in dramatic fashion the continued impact of the Government’s decision to cut beer duty again, to encourage consumers towards our low-strength, British-made national drink.

“The boost for pubs is especially welcome. Two previous World Cup tournaments were unable to turn around declining sales – these new figures indicate that the industry is moving in the right direction. With further cuts in beer duty, we can deliver on investment, growth and jobs.”