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Pint is most expensive in Surrey

The Good Pub Guide’s annual survey of national drink prices shows a whopping £1.09-a-pint difference between the cheapest and most expensive in the country, and for the first time, London isn’t the most expensive.

The 2018 edition of The Good Pub Guide is published on Thursday, September 7.  Each year the editors of the Guide carry out a national survey of beer prices.  This year there has been a considerable increase in the cost of the average pint of beer in Britain – it’s now £3.60, a substantial 13p increase from last year’s £3.47.   Interesting to note, the 2016 price was only 1p up on the average in the guide published in 2015.

And there’s a whopping £1.09-a-pint difference between Herefordshire and Yorkshire, the joint cheapest counties at £3.31, and the most expensive at £4.40 in Surrey.  This marks the very first time in the history of the guide that London isn’t the most expensive area.

Another finding of this year’s survey is that Britain’s ever-growing range of pubs brewing their own beer typically costs £3.09 a pint which is 51p less than the national average.

Here’s a breakdown, in average price order:

Bargain beer

Herefordshire (£3.31), Yorkshire (£3.31), Shropshire (£3.33), Derbyshire (£3.36), Cumbria (£3.38), Worcestershire (£3.38)

Fair-priced beer

Northumbria (£3.40), Wales £3.42), Leicestershire (£3.47), Northamptonshire (£3.48), Staffordshire (£3.48)

Average-priced beer

Lancashire (£3.50), Dorset (£3.51), Devon (£3.51), Somerset (£3.52), Lincolnshire (£3,55), Cornwall (£3.55), Wiltshire (£3.56), Gloucestershire (£3.60), Suffolk (£3.61), Cambridgeshire (£3.61), Essex (£3.62), Warwickshire (£3.64), Bedfordshire (£3.64), Nottinghamshire (£3.65), Hampshire (£3.66), Norfolk (£3.66), Cheshire (£3.66), Scotland (£3.67)

Expensive beer

Isle of Wight (£3.73), Oxfordshire (£3.74), Buckinghamshire (£3.75), Kent (£3.78), Berkshire (£3.78), Scottish Islands (£3.80), Hertfordshire (£3.81), Sussex (£3.82)

Rip-off beer

London (£4.20), Surrey (£4.40)