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Operators rolling out Cask Beer Uncovered

Cask Beer Uncovered, the e-learning programme that builds bar staff’s knowledge of  cask beer, is already being actively promoted by 18 pub and bar operators including Stonegate Pub Company, who are rolling the programme out to around 500 of their top cask beer pubs.

In the two months since the launch of Cask Beer Uncovered, more than 2,000 bar staff and interested consumers have registered for the programme. Individuals are completing the modules either via their operator’s training platform with CPL Online, or through the Cask Matters website.

Paul Nunny of Cask Matters said, “We’re very pleased with this initial response to Cask Beer Uncovered, which puts us firmly on track to meet our goal of putting 100,000 people through the programme within three years.

“Pubs and bars tell us their staff enjoy Cask Beer Uncovered because the films for each module are entertaining as well as informative. They see a real difference in staff who complete the programme in terms of their knowledge of and confidence about cask beer. And as Cask Beer Uncovered is free of charge to all staff in all pubs, there’s no obstacle to putting every team member who works with cask beer through it.”


Cask Beer Uncovered comprises five short online films which guide the viewer through every aspect of cask beer, with content delivered by brewers, publicans, bar staff and beer drinkers. Each film lasts around five minutes and is followed by a multiple choice test. Staff who score at least 75% across all five modules can print off a personalised Cask Beer Uncovered certificate.

Operators are encouraging licensees and their staff teams to complete Cask Beer Uncovered.

Lee Woolley, head of learning & development at Stonegate Pub Company, said, “Cask Beer Uncovered is a superb vehicle, not just for staff who are new to cask beer, but also those who need a refresher or even to be challenged on what they think they know.  We are initially putting around 1,500 members of our pub management teams through the programme, and they will then help their teams through it.”

At the Abel Heywood, a Hydes pub in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, supervisor Jessica Wighton said, “I’m in charge of all training for the pub’s 18 team members and I’m impressed with Cask Beer Uncovered. It tells staff everything they need to know without overloading them. And as the films are only five minutes long, it’s easy for me as a supervisor to schedule them into the working day by getting staff to view them during quiet times, for example.  The personalised certificate at the end of the five modules is a real benefit to staff as it gives them a transferrable qualification that will help them in their pub career.”

Cask Beer Uncovered has been developed by Cask Matters, a partnership of industry and consumer organisations, brewers and retailers who care about the future of our national drink. The course is completely free of charge to retailers and their staff and represents a £2 million investment by Cask Matters. Funding for the programme has come from: Adnams; Caledonian Brewing; Carlsberg UK;  Daniel Thwaites; Fuller, Smith & Turner; Greene King;  Marston’s Beer Company; Punch Partnerships; Frederic Robinson;  Shepherd Neame; St Austell; Wadworth; Charles Wells; SIBA; CAMRA and Cask Marque. CPL Online has provided its internet platform to deliver the training.

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