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New ‘March to Your Own Drum’ campaign for Bombardier

The UK’s largest independent brewer, Charles Wells, has launched a new campaign for their Bombardier brand focussing on the individuality of the beer range and its drinkers.

bombardier-royWith TV spots, video on demand and outdoor placements, the ads feature blind drummer, Roy Turnham, who represents the literal meaning of ‘marching to your own drum’ as an accomplished musician and London 2012 Paralympian. The story told throughout the campaign celebrates those who are confident in making their own decisions, like those who choose Bombardier beers because it’s beer they trust and love, rather than choosing the latest fads and fashions simply because it’s what everyone else is doing.

Marketing Director at Charles Wells, Jason Wills said it was a natural time to update the campaign for Bombardier beers and show how the spirit of individuality flows from grain to glass: “As an independent family brewer, Charles Wells has carved its own path in the industry. This new campaign shows how that independence is reflected in our beers, in particular our flagship brand – Bombardier.

“Our new campaign proudly tells the story of individuality surrounding Bombardier and its drinkers. Roy gives us a perfect opportunity to do this, as someone who epitomises what it means to march to your own drum and carve your own path, rather than just do what’s expected.”

The March to Your Own Drum campaign will commence fully on 8th October 2016 with a TV spot on ITV during the England V Malta World Cup Qualifier. The new campaign will also form a foundation for the launch of the new Bombardier Pale Ale which will be released later in October.

More details about the campaign and Roy Turnham can be found at www.Bombardier.co.uk/RoysStory from Monday 10th October 2016.

You can view the full TV spot and print ad campaign at the following We Transfer link  https://we.tl/sSxNkOCQ4I (please note this link is only accessible for 7 days)