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Let There Be Beer

Let There Be Beer is an initiative by a group of global breweries to promote the versatility of beer and to raise its profile with the British public and reinvigorate the beer market. The breweries are AB InBev, SAB Miller, Heineken, Molson Coors and Carlsberg.

June 2013 saw this group joining together for the first time, launching the campaign with TV advertising, sponsored cooking programmes and a new website featuring lots of beer and food pairings. Feedback was mixed and many cask brewers believed that the campaign focus was on lager, rather than on all beers, including cask.

Let There Be Beer is launching a new campaign in Autumn 2014 and we will be able to update you further once this is released. The stated objective is to demonstrate  that there’s more to beer – more to its flavour and taste, more to the styles, more to how it’s made and more to the occasions that beer works so well with. The campaign is aiming to celebrate the variety of beer including all styles and to encourage consumers to enjoy this discovery. They are also working with a number of organisations including CAMRA, SIBA, Cask Marque and the BBPA.