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Kent Green Hop Beer Festival

Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight begins at at Canterbury Food & Drink Festival on Friday 26th September 2014. This is the only occasion and location when all (or nearly all) Kent Green Hop Beers will be available in the same place at the same time. Select pubs throughout the county will also be stocking Kent Green Hop Beers, the Where to drink page show’s last year’s stockists. Breweries in East Kent are also holding an Open Day  so you can drink Kent Green Hop Beer with the people that make it.

Kent Green Hop Beer is beer made with fresh, or green, Kentish hops – instead of using hops that have been dried as is more traditional in brewing. The beers have a characteristic fresh taste because the hops used contain many of the oils that are normally lost when hops are dried. The hops are used within 12 hours of being picked.

Almost every brewery in Kent is making at least one – some have made several. There are more than 20 breweries in the county so that’s a huge range of beers – more than 30 this year. They’ll all be different too as each brewer will be creating their own recipe. Have a look at the Beers page for a list with descriptions and tasting notes.