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Grain to Glass

There are three main areas to what Cask Marque does. The first is the Cask Marque Award, where we check beer quality in the glass as the customer would be served it. The second is training staff to look after beer and make sure it is served in perfect condition. And the third is our Grain to Glass program.

It is made up of the four key areas which result in the customer receiving the perfect pint of cask ale, every time. It starts off with us checking that beer is leaving the brewery gates in perfect condition. We then ensure distributors take the care the product deserves, is temperature controlled, and goes through a recognised process before arriving in the pub.

We then audit pubs to ensure they are cleaning their beer lines and maintaining their equipment to allow the beer to leave the cellar in perfect condition. The final check is where pubs gain the Cask Marque Award for serving the perfect pint, every time. Find out more below.

Grain to Glass

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