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Good Pub Guide 2016 shows pint prices continue to rise

This year’s national survey of drink prices from the Good Pub Guide 2016 reveals that the average price of a pint of beer in Britain is £3.46, compared to £3.31 last year and that there is an 82p difference between the cheapest and most expensive pints in the country.  The cost of a pint has gone up considerably over the past three years, despite the reduction in beer duty in recent Budgets.

gpg16 The Good Pub Guide found that the cheapest pint was in Herefordshire, at £3.10, compared to London, where it was £3.92 (winning it the guide’s “Rip-off beer” accolade).

Yorkshire and Cumbria were among the counties hailed for selling bargain beer, while expensive counties included Buckinghamshire, Surrey and the Scottish Islands.

The survey also found that more pubs are brewing their own beer thereby reducing the cost of a pint which comes in at £2.98 per pint in brew pubs, 48p less than the national average.

  • Bargain beer Herefordshire (£3.10), Yorkshire (£3.15), Derbyshire (£3.20), Worcestershire (£3.20), Cumbria (£3.22), Shropshire (£3.22), Nottinghamshire (£3.23), Northumbria (£3.24)
  • Fair-priced beer Wales (£3.27), Lancashire (£3.27), Cornwall (£3.28), Northamptonshire (£3.30), Staffordshire (£3.32), Gloucestershire (£3.33), Cheshire (£3.33), Somerset (£3.33), Leicestershire (£3.33)
  • Average-priced beer Essex (£3.35), Cambridgeshire (£3.35), Lincolnshire (£3.38), Devon (£3.39), Norfolk (£3.39), Warwickshire (£3.39), Bedfordshire (£3.39), Dorset (£3.40), Wiltshire (£3.41), Suffolk (£3.46), Hampshire (£3.51), Scotland (£3.53), Hertfordshire (£3.55), Oxfordshire (£3.56)
  • Expensive beer Buckinghamshire (£3.61), Kent (£3.62), Surrey (£3.63), Isle of Wight (£3.63), Sussex (£3.66), Berkshire (£3.67), Scottish Islands (£3.85)
  • Rip-off beer London (£3.92)