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Euro 2016: impact on beer sales

Beer sales in sports pubs were up 41.63% on 11 June as England and Wales played their opening Euro 2016 matches, according to beer quality expert Vianet. The company has partnered with Propel to dig deeper into the impact sporting events have on sales.

Vianet said that between 11am and midnight, an average of 429.74 pints were sold per pub – an increase of 178.88 pints compared with the previous year. Peak trading time was between 8pm and 9pm, with the run rate prior to the England match averaging 25.6 pints. The run rate during matches averaged 41.91 pints and the run rate post-match averaged 24.58 pints.

The data was based on a sample of 4,000 sports-based pubs, versus a control group of 6,000 non-sports pubs. The non-sports pubs also saw an increase in trade (up 18%), indicating either consumers who were not interested in the football attended these venues instead or, with the football being free to air, all had an opportunity to show the game and thus benefited, albeit to a lesser extent.

Vianet said the value of Euro 2016 to the sports-based pubs, above their normal trade at £3.50 per pint, is £626.08.

Therefore, if England were to make it to the final, this would be worth at least £3,756.48 in increased sales per pub and £15m in increased sales to the 4,000 pubs in the sample. Quality remains an issue, however.

Consumers only experienced one in four pints being served via an overdue line, which is better than the national yearly benchmark values (as per the quality report), suggesting most pubs wanted to ensure good consumer experience. During Euro 2016, reports will be generated for the next day following an England game and then a weekly report will be produced to evaluate performance during the full week.