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Directors’ Hall of Fame

We have been very lucky over the years to have some extremely high profile members of the industry giving up their time free of charge to sit on the Cask Marque Board as directors. There is nothing in it for them other than helping to improve beer quality in the industry and we are very grateful for all the effort they have cumulatively made. As such we thought it would be nice to remember these people with a Hall of Fame on our website. They are listed in reverse chronological order of when they joined:

Chris Houlton – Current Director

Keith Bott – Current Director

Ed Cottrell – Current Director

Alistair Darby – Current Director

Mike Bramley – Current Director

Jonathan Paveley

Steve Magnall – Current Director

Darran Britton – Current Director

Francis Patton – Current Director

John Redman

Richard Fuller – Current Director

Frances Brace

Paul Theakston

David Elliott

Simon Townsend

Rupert Thompson

Paul Nunny – Current Director