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Day 7 Brewery of the Day

We’re delighted to announce that Thwaites is our Brewery of the Day on Day 7 of Cask Ale Week.


Thwaites have created two seasonal ales for Cask Ale Week, so why not pop into your local Thwaites pub and try them? You can find out more about Thwaites Brewery here.


It is over two centuries since Daniel Thwaites set out from his family’s Lake District farm to make a new life for himself, and the rest, as they say, is history. Daniel built up his brewery based on strong family values – an eye for quality and a generous blend of innovation, craftsmanship and warm hospitality.


Thwaites is supporting Cask Ale Week in their pubs by brewing two Thwaites seasonal ales as well as encouraging customers to try the cask ales by promoting thirds glasses and beer paddles.