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Crisp Malt’s webinar for brewers at 14.00 today

​If you have some time at 2pm today, and are interested in technical aspects of brewing, tune into Crisp Malt’s webinar for brewers.

It is the 1st in a weekly series. 50 craft brewers from various countries around the world have already registered, so you’ll be in good company. You need to register beforehand, here https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_NZ4Gx7boQ2ievuIIQa5lgQ

To get discussions rolling, they are is starting off with malt Certificates of Analysis (COAs) – which naturally leads into exploration of topics ranging from malting, milling and mashing to head retention, haze, fermentation and conditioning.

With visits to breweries no longer an option, the technical sales team members at Crisp are looking to use their time working from home as productively as possible – and to be available to the brewing community to help in any way they can. Clearly they can’t solve the wider issues in play at the moment, but publishing technical blog posts, hosting weekly webinars and sharing knowledge at least provides a constructive response to isolation. The Q&A part of the webinar should help with a sense of involvement and community.

The hope is that, however experienced they are, all brewers signing up to the webinars will get something useful and interesting from them. Once brewing picks up again, they should be able to implement some of the tips – or draw on the insights they have gained during this enforced period of quiet.

The webinar is being organised by Colin Johnson, Crisp’s craft brewing and distilling sales manager.