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Cloudwater Brewery returns to Cask

Cloudwater Brewery announced last week that it was bringing back production of cask beer. The brewery had chosen to dispense with cask a couple of years ago and instead to concentrate on keg, in a move that was widely debated in the beer industry.

The brewery revealed however that dropping cask had “removed ourselves from conversations about what cask beer could be, and distanced ourselves from drinkers that are wedded to that genre of beer.”

In a recent blog on its website, Cloudwater made its case for bringing back cask, describing the merits of drinking a pint of cask in a pub:

“We miss our cask Session IPAs, Bitters, and Porters, and find ourselves drinking many a pint of cask beer and wondering just how well our Brown Ales, or Stouts, and seasonal Pale would do on cask.”

The brewery has therefore decided to bring back cask for a small number of customers experienced in looking after cask beer and have asked potential customers to contact Cloudwater directly. This emphasis on only providing cask to outlets that only serve cask beer to the highest standard demonstrates a commitment to quality that is sure to be welcomed by the wider industry as well as to beer drinkers.