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Cask Reports

Cask Report 2016-17 leaflet

Cask Report 2016-17 leaflet

The Cask Report 2016-17 Leaflet, which gives you the top line information about the Cask Report, is available to view here. Find out why cask pubs are successful and what makes a successful cask ale pub. You can also read about the ‘cask conversation’ and...
Cask Report 2016-17 leaflet

Cask Report 2016-17

The latest 2016-17 Cask Report is out and ready for reading. According to the Report’s author, Sophie Atherton, “It is clear that it’s no longer enough to be able to pour a decent pint. Bar staff need to understand how cask ales are different from other beers;...
Cask Report 2015-16 Summary

Cask Report 2015-16

[Dropcap]T[/dropcap]he latest Cask Report 2015-16 is out now and you can download it here. Written by Pete Brown at a time when cask ale is in sustained volume growth, it contains up-to-date information and commentary on the state of the UK cask industry and...