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Cask Report 2016-17

The latest 2016-17 Cask Report is out and ready for reading.

According to the Report’s author, Sophie Atherton, “It is clear that it’s no longer enough to be able to pour a decent pint. Bar staff need to understand how cask ales are different from other beers; they need to be able to describe them; they need to be the ones starting the cask conversation.”

The new Cask Report examines the role of conversation in the buying and selling of cask ale in the pub. “People are starting to talk about cask ale – Britain’s national drink – with more passion than was once thought possible,” says Sophie Atherton. Her Report shows people’s depth of interest in what they are drinking – and the fact they like to be served by staff who are knowledgeable.

According to the research, 92% of consumers want to know more about the different styles of beer now available. 60% said pubs don’t offer sufficient tasting notes on how beer looks, tastes and smells and only 36% feel that bar staff have an understanding of cask.

Find out why

  • cask ale is resilient and vital for successful pubs
  • staff training is so important
  • beer quality is vital

You can download the latest Cask Report and read all the findings for yourself 2016-17 Cask Report