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Cask Report 2014-15

The  Cask Report 2015, by beer writer Pete Brown, has just been launched with up-to-date data and commentary on the state of the UK cask industry. The Report also provides a six-point plan to help licensees get the most out of cask ale and ensure they take advantage of the boom in British brewing, arguing that cask ale provides a massive opportunity for profit and success to the UK’s pub sector. You can read the advice behind these six areas in the Cask Report plus much more today and really start to capitalise on cask.

Download the report here.

  1. Take advantage of the craft beer boom
  2. Increase your profits with the right pricing
  3. Stock a varied and interesting range
  4. Know your customers, present and future
  5. Always strive for the perfect serve
  6. Share the love with your staff