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Do Cask Marque Visits Add Value?

What do Cask Marque-assessed pubs think of Cask Marque?

To ensure standards are maintained on Cask Marque assessor visits, the organisation surveys pubs on an ongoing basis.

The latest results are shown below:

Statement % who agreed
The assessor introduced themselves on arrival and where appropriate clearlyexplained the purpose of their visit. 98.49%
The assessor was friendly and polite to everyone they dealt with. 97.74%
The assessor was happy to take their time answering questions and giving advice. 97.74%
Having an independent person from Cask Marque visiting has helped improve our beer quality. 81.21%
The assessor is a good ambassador for Cask Marque and would be welcomed back at any time. 96.24%
The assessor left ample point of sale (or took my order) for us to promote ourselves as a Cask Marque pub 79.7%