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Cask Marque launches Scores on the Cellar Doors

Cask Marque are launching a new scheme, Scores on the Cellar Doors, to address a number of problems which still persist with pub retailing of beer, namely around quality and beer yields.

Cask Marque has identified the following areas which need to be addressed:

  •  1 in 3 pints are served through unclean beer lines.
  • 33% of glassware and 35% of glasswashers are dirty .
  • Pubs on average overstock by 5 brands per pub.
  • Yields can be improved across the industry by 2%.

(Quality Report 2016)

SOTD lo res (002)As well as failing to make the most of beer and impress those drinkers who are currently flocking to the category, especially those drinkers converting to craft beer, this means that pubs are losing significant profitability (up to £10,620 per annum) from their beer sales which on average represents over 60% of their wet sales.

To help improve quality and yields from beer, Cask Marque have launched Scores on the Cellar Doors which is a star rating system on the use of best practice in the cellar.  The accreditation only costs £25+VAT per annum for Cask Marque pubs and the organisation expects that discerning beer drinkers will come to trust the accreditation in the same was as they now trust the food hygiene ratings in establishments serving food.

To date the following pub groups have engaged in this programme:

  • Stonegate
  • Timothy Taylor
  • Arkells
  • Bermondsey Pub Co. (Enterprise Inns)
  • Brakspear Pub Co
  • Butcombe
  • Peach Pub Co
  • Remarkable Restaurants

There are many positives for pubs to take from this new initiative:

  • By focussing on the beer category, beer sales can be increased by over 4% (case study – Enterprise Inns).
  • Yields can be improved by over 2% by using best practice in the cellar (case study – Hydes Retail).
  • Each pub can save £250 which is the cost of cleaning and beer wastage per pump by managing their draught range better. The saving from 5 pumps is £1250 per annum!

To reinforce these messages Cask Marque have produced a Licensee Leaflet based on the facts from the recently issued Quality Report and copies are available for distribution from Cask Marque.

Paul Nunny, Cask Marque Director says “With beer sales in the ontrade having a resurgence, now is the time to grasp the opportunity to capitalise on the beer category.  With the summer upon us, with the Euros and other major sporting events, let’s ensure we maximise the profitability from all our beer sales by being professional.  We need to learn from our current performance and not be in denial.  Bottom line profitability is key to the success of the pub and the above is a solution that is in our own hands.”