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Carlsberg UK’s Consumer Insights Report 2014

This new report from Carlsberg UK shows that going to the pub is still the number one social activity for adults with 34% visiting the pub on a weekly basis.

The report segments the population and shows significant growth coming from Families up 36% from 33%, Single Wise Affluent Grown Ups (SWAGs) up 42% from 37% and Empty Nesters up 39% from 37%.

However, there is a decline in pub going from Young, Free and Singles (down 6%) and Nesting Couples (down 7%).

There is no particular analysis about having a real ale offer in pubs but the Consumer Insights Report does show the value of running a beer festival with 27% of adults responding that they are interested in beer festivals in pubs. There is also some useful advice given the repertoire of pubs that individuals can choose to visit and that pubs have two choices if they want to be successful:
• Be single minded and famous for what you do best
• Be a really good all-rounder

The report also looks at all the different ways that you can communicate with customers and looks at pricing, showing that customers are less interested in offers and more interested in low pricing throughout.

Customers are also becoming more adventurous with 48% of pub-goers have tried a new drink in the last month, up from 37% in 2010 and 43% in 2012.

You can download the report here