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CAMRA extends revitalisation project

CAMRA is to extend its Revitalisation Project to ensure that its members have the necessary time to understand any proposed changes to the organisation’s positioning and purpose, before being asked to participate in a final vote on the outcome of its strategic review.

CAMRA launched the Revitalisation Project, a major consultation about its future purpose and campaigning direction, in April this year.

Since launch the project has had survey responses from tens of thousands of its members, has directly consulted with almost 2,000 members at a series of meetings across the country and has spoken to dozens of industry experts, journalists and politicians to gauge opinion.

When launched, the intention was for final proposals to be presented to CAMRA members for formal approval at its AGM and Conference in April 2017.

Following a progress report from the Revitalisation Project Steering Committee to CAMRA’s National Executive and Regional Directors, it has been decided to extend the process to ensure members can be properly consulted about the impact of the Committee’s proposals, and given sufficient time to properly consider any proposed changes.


Colin Valentine, CAMRA chairman

CAMRA National chairman Colin Valentine said: “We want to make sure that we do this right, not just do it now.

“Having seen the huge amount of opinion that the steering committee has accumulated it’s vital that we make sure that formulating proposals is not rushed and even more importantly that our members are not required to make a decision without sufficient time to consider and absorb that evidence.

“This is potentially a fundamental turning point for CAMRA and we need to make sure that we do everything we can to reinforce our members’ confidence in the strategic review and the outcome of that process.

“We feel CAMRA’s AGM and Conference in 2017 will serve as the perfect place for CAMRA members to debate and discuss the implications and impact of the options being considered. We’ll then have time to refine the proposal further based on input from our members and a final vote on adopting the proposal will be taken at a later general meeting.”

Michael Hardman, chairman of the Revitalisation Project Steering Committee and one of CAMRA’s founders, said: “The Revitalisation Project Steering Committee has worked hard for the last 12 months to reach the point where it is due to submit final proposals to the National Executive. Like the National Executive and the rest of CAMRA’s membership we’re keen that the final decision is made by members who have had been given every opportunity to debate the issues and understand the potential impacts. We’re fully supportive and understanding of the need to be absolutely sure this decision is made in the right way by delaying the final decision by the CAMRA membership to a later date.”