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Butcombe Flavour Panel Launched

The search is on across North Somerset and Bristol for the region’s most sensitive taste palates to join an elite group of expert beer tasters.

The initiative, launched by Butcombe Brewery, aims to set up the Butcombe Flavour Panel, which will undertake a scientifically-controlled tasting of the week’s production, carried out on Friday afternoon at 2pm. The successful tasters will not necessarily be big beer drinkers, just people who have exceptionally sensitive noses and palates, an interest in flavour and the capability to describe what they perceive.

Those who volunteer will be taken through the Butcombe Taste Academy to firstly test their tasting capability and then to train them in the science and terminology of beer tasting. Those who graduate (and not all will make the grade) will form the Butcombe Flavour Panel and have the honour of helping shape and control the flavour of Butcombe beers enjoyed around the world.

Stuart Howe

Butcombe’s Director of Brewing Stuart Howe (pictured left) said, ‘As far as I know this is the first taste academy established by a regional brewer and we expect there to be a healthy interest in taking part. As well as enjoying themselves, though, the job comes with a certain degree of responsibility. We expect the Flavour Panel to take its role seriously and members will have a say in how we develop our range of beers so the selection process is likely to be quite tough!’

As well as a tip-top palate, anyone applying to join the panel will need to be free to regularly attend the tasting sessions on Friday at 2pm at Butcombe Brewery, Cox’s Green, Wrington.

To apply send an email to Butcombe’s Director of Brewing Stuart Howe at [email protected] with a short note about your interest and availability and he will get in touch to invite you down for a taste and a test of your tasting abilities.