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Book today for our Virtual Cask Masterclass

We are excited to bring you details of our Virtual Cask Masterclass. This modular series of classes will take place in September, October and November and you can book your place now.

The Masterclasses comprise of 5 modules and take place on the following dates:

16th September: 10am to 1pm [Modules 1-3]
17th September: 10am to 12pm [Modules 4 & 5]

13th October: 6pm to 8:30pm [Modules 1-3]
14th October: 6pm to 8:30pm [Modules 3-5]

25th November: 10am to 1pm [Modules 1-3]
26th November: 10am to 12pm [Modules 4 & 5]

Cask Masterclass is a unique way of learning about cask and is brought to you by expert trainers via Zoom. It is a blend of live tutorials, instructional videos and interactive Check Your Knowledge assessments. Serving cask ale in great condition takes skill, knowledge and training. There are 5 modules, each lasting an hour and you can check out details of the training on our Cask Masterclass showreel here.

Topics covered in the Masterclass are:

  • What is cask ale?
  • What makes a great cask cellar?
  • How is cask conditioned?
  • What makes a perfect pint: glassware and dispense
  • What common faults occur in cask ale?

For further details and to book your place please visit our Masterclass homepage

Customers can also “bundle” the virtual masterclass together with an in person 1-2-1 training session in their own cellar for up to 3 delegates

1 delegate = £130 +VAT

2 delegates = £175+VAT (equivalent of £88pp plus VAT)

3 delegates = £220+VAT (equivalent of £74pp plus VAT)

(Delegates must all be on the same virtual and 121 courses to take advantage of the discount)