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Bob Mortimer is the new Bombardier

Brewer Charles Wells has announced that legendary comedy performer Bob Mortimer will star in a new advertising campaign for its flagship beer, Bombardier, which launches later this month. 

Charles Wells Director of Brands Phil Toms explained “Bob Mortimer enters the fray as Bombardier Bedford following the sad loss of his predecessor and makes an instant impression.  I’m thrilled that, in Bob, we have one of the country’s most original comedy talents bringing his own unique comedy to the character and we believe he’ll have a great connection with licensees and drinkers as he leads the charge for a quality pint of Bombardier.” 

Advertising had previously been driven by another comedy hero, Rik Mayall, bringing the character to life and Marketing Manager Emily Hudson promises the transition will be a sympathetic one. 

“Our mission is to connect with drinkers through the Bombardier regiment of beers, of which there are now two variants. The hero of this campaign is Bombardier Burning Gold, the next in line in the Bombardier chain of command, and picks up from where our original Bombardier Bedford was lost in battle” says Hudson.  “The new character signals the next generation and will continue the irreverent and light hearted call to action that saw awareness of Bombardier rise to unprecedented levels for ale advertising in consumer tests conducted by Cardinal HPI.” 

Bombardier Burning Gold was launched in bottles in 2007 and became a permanent draught ale in 2014 and is a 4.7% ABV crisp and refreshingly English golden beer. 

The campaign will be spearheaded by a 30 second advert which sees Mortimer leading his troops into battle somewhere hot and a tad dangerous.  It will be screened for the first time in home and on SKY Pub on St George’s Day, 23rd April, and will be supported by social media. 

“Bombardier has one of the largest and most engaged social media followings of any beer in the UK” continued Hudson “with over 135,000 followers regularly interacting through Facebook and Twitter, securing Bob Mortimer as our new Bombardier Bedford will help reinvigorate the conversations and involvement.” 

Bob Mortimer - Bombardier Bedford with pint glass

Mortimer is, perhaps, best known for his collaboration with Vic Reeves in Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out and Shooting Stars and more recently in the acclaimed TV sitcom House of Fools.  

Commenting on his new role as Bombardier Bedford Mortimer said “I enjoyed the previous Bombardier campaign and love the fact that it symbolises great camaraderie – just like going to the pub with your mates.  It represents a slightly irreverent way of doing things but always with a twinkle in the eye and I’m looking forward to following the Bombardier’s unique take on events over the summer.” 

Bombardier has been at the forefront of encouraging more people to celebrate St George’s Day and many licensees will be taking advantage of a Bombardier point of sale support kit featuring the new look branding.  The first TV advert featuring Bob Mortimer has been specifically timed to coincide with this peak of activity and will air for the first time on the evening of 23rd April to ensure ongoing awareness of both the original Bombardier premium English beer and Bombardier Burning Gold remains high beyond St George’s Day.