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Beer drinking becoming more popular with women

  • Over 9.2 million women (40%) over the age of 25 in the UK have enjoyed beer in the last month alone *
  • In the last month beer was a more popular choice among UK women (40%) than Prosecco (36%), cocktails (28%) or gin (19%)**

AB InBev has released insights from research looking at the appeal of beer among women in the UK.

The research reveals that women over the age of 25 now make up one in six (16%) of all beer purchases*** – the highest it has been in the past five years. Women are also drinking beer more regularly; with over 3.2 million (14%) saying they drink it once or twice a week.

When questioned on drinking habits, women in the UK preferred lager such as Stella Artois (77%) followed by ales such as Leffe (27%) and then stout (15%). Beer appears to be rising in popularity, with 81% of women agreeing that there are some very sophisticated beers out there and 87% stating that there is a world of beers to explore and that the time has never been better to try them.

C040smallCommenting on these findings, Annabel Smith (pictured left) co-founder of Dea Latis, a group set up to promote beer among women, comments:

“These results do not surprise me; there is a huge interest among women in beer, with more and more women opting for beer as their drink of choice.   We are also seeing more women choosing a career in the beer industry, from “The Beer Sommelier of the Year”, Jane Peyton, to the CEO of the British Beer and Pub Association, Brigid Simmonds.”

Despite more women uniting in their love of beer, nearly half (44%) of females believe that beer is still perceived as a man’s drink.


* 40% figure based on 23,242,558 women in the UK over 25 years of age. Figures provided by ONS from its Annual Mid-year Population Estimates, 2014

** Source: AB Inbev Women + Beer research conduct by Flyresearch based on 1,000 women women in the UK over 25 years of age, 25 September, 2015

*** Source: Kantar Alcovision, MAT to June 2015